pentingnya design patterns

If you want to be a professional Java developer, you should know at least some popular solutions to coding problems. Such solutions have been proved efficient and effective by the experienced developers. These solutions are described as so-called design patterns. Learning design patterns speeds up your experience accumulation in OOA/OOD. Once you grasped them, you would be benefit from them for all your life and jump up yourselves to be a master of designing and developing. Furthermore, you will be able to use these terms to communicate with your fellows or assessors more effectively.

Generally, to build a system, you may need many patterns to fit together. Different designer may use different patterns to solve the same problem. Usually:

  • Some patterns naturally fit together
  • One pattern may lead to another
  • Some patterns are similar and alternative
  • Patterns are discoverable and documentable
  • Patterns are not methods or framework
  • Patterns give you hint to solve a problem effectively

Di atas merupakan kutipan yang diambil dari yang berisi tentang kegunaan dari design pattern. Untuk referensi yang lain dapat dilihat di


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